Meet Our Team

Judy Miller


Judy Miller is co-founder and CEO of Miller & Associates, LLC a leading IT services and workforce solutions firm. Judy is responsible for driving M&A’s vision, strategy, and continued growth rate of 25% year over year. Judy has nearly 20 years of experience in the IT consulting field. Prior to starting Miller & Associates, she was Worldwide Director for Dr. Eli Goldratt’s Marketing Group, responsible for all sales and marketing events to business management consultancies around the globe. Judy started her career as a consultant with Gemini Consulting, receiving exceptional training and implementation experience in the areas of business process improvement, re-engineering, and transformation within fortune 500 manufacturing companies. After five years at Gemini, Judy turned her focus toward information technology managing small to mid-sized project teams responsible for the design and development of robust applications to accelerate process improvement across business units. Miller and Associates is a woman-owned minority business committed to building a talented diverse workforce. Over the last twelve months, Miller & Associates received recognition for “diversity supplier of the year” and also Digital Rochester’s GREAT Award for their international support services team efforts in Afghanistan. Judy and her husband James have three children and reside in Victor, NY.

James Miller


Cassidy Engel

Senior VP, Finance