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At M&A, we believe small things go a long way. Our employee onboardings begin with personal introductions, at all levels of the company. We want to know where you’re, what you enjoy, and why you chose to work with us. We stay connected throughout your engagement and we truly want you to succeed. We’ll even give you a ‘roadmap’ to help you get there.

Our M&A core values define what is necessary to be successful in the workplace. We stay connected through your work, finding meaningful reasons to connect as an organization through monthly Meet-Ups (virtually or in-person), informal networking with peers, celebrating milestones and anniversaries, as well as our own internal reward & recognition program: The Confetti Award.

This year, our Confetti Award went virtual. Every month, employees are encouraged to recognize a peer or their own personal achievements by completing a nomination form. A peer-filled judging panel comprised of previous award winners review nominations on a monthly basis and score using the following criteria:

  • Excellence: Have an exceptional commitment to the quality of work delivered
  • Continuous self-improvement: Always keep learning and growing professionally
  • Initiative: Be counted on to fill a variety of roles, and go above and beyond what is expected. Recognize new opportunities and client needs.
  • Professionalism: Be knowledgeable, reliable, and respectful; act with integrity.
  • Teamwork: Make a real difference by working together to achieve the best.

It comes as no surprise, people respond well to receiving affirmation, feedback, and rewards for a job well done. However, when you are surrounded by top performers, it’s not always easy to receive recognition. So, what does it actually take to become a five-star consultant?

Well, a five-star consultant is one who consistently exceeds expectations each day. Not only do they out-perform the person sitting next to them, but they do it in a way that is professional. They may also receive formal recognition from the pleased client. A five-star consultant can be easily recognized as a mentor by their peers–they go out of their way to offer assistance to others who are new, or provide valuable suggestions or ideas within their team. Their role as ‘mentor’ can be formal or informal, simply by offering assistance in some small way.

The five-star consultant is usually very easy to set in a crowd. They are constantly raising the bar for themselves by taking on difficult projects or tasks to complete, and management feels comfortable in providing them with many leadership opportunities because they know this individual can tackle tough problems with little to no direction at all. Overall, this individual puts the work in and selflessly advocates for everyone around them.

Perhaps most importantly, the five-star consultant values the importance of personal development by pursuing opportunities to learn new skills and obtain new certifications in their field. They’re constantly pushing themselves to be the best versions of themselves in their profession. A five-star consultant always manages to find a way to better themselves, as well as anyone around them.

Are you a five-star consultant? Maybe you’re looking to work in an environment that encourages and rewards excellence. If so, we want to meet, work, and celebrate achievements with you. We’ve been called a hidden gem and one of the best places to work. M&A is an environment of worthwhile change and a culture of community and trust.

Give us a call today. We’ll be so happy to hear from you.