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Cheryl Derue

Principal Consultant

It’s no secret that Miller & Associates has established itself as a company that focuses not only on the bigger picture but will cater to its employees and clients first. One of their employees, Cheryl Derue, has been with M&A for six years and considers herself lucky to have found this company. I was fortunate enough to ask her a few questions about her experience with M&A in light of the anniversary, and this is what she said:

LO: What brought you to Miller & Associates?

CDGrowing up in the Buffalo area (Niagara Falls, to be exact), most of my background was in people and operations management for many years. I had worked for a Financial Technology company as an implementation manager, and I found that I loved it! [So much so], I continued on with the people and operations management for another 6 years! I had my fill finally and felt that I was not doing what I wanted to do. So, I started my job search, and a colleague introduced me to James. I was extremely impressed with his quick response and ability to match my skillset with a consulting opportunity he had with a large supplier of medical imaging equipment headquartered in Rochester. I have been an employee of M&A for almost six years now, and I could not be happier.

LO: What is your favorite part about joining the M&A family?

CDThey truly care about their employees. We have regular get-togethers, if you need anything, you call them. They get back to you immediately if you have a question, or an issue, they are always willing to go the extra mile to help! M&A offers amazing benefits and is active in many great causes within the Rochester area. It is amazing to see them on the TOP 100 list again this year! Oftentimes, our customer has approached me with an offer to come on as a full-time employee, and I cannot give myself a good enough reason to do so! I want to stay with M&A as long as I can. I have a tremendous amount of respect and gratitude for them!

 LO: What are three words to describe Miller & Associates, and explain why you chose those specific words.

CD: We are Partners. M&A is a small boutique consulting company, for this reason, I receive personal attention. This allows us to be able to share personal parts of our life. James and Judy came to my wedding, and they know my children, my husband, my father. This is very important nowadays when it is hard to juggle work-life balance. They [always encourage their employees] to become an active part of Miller and Associates and they give back to the community as well! We are more of a team than anything else. Dedicated they are dedicated to finding the right people for the right job. They truly care about their employees and what is best for them. They keep in touch and regularly call to check-in. They are also dedicated to ensuring their customers are satisfied and maintain a great rapport with all of them!

Recognition oftentimes in larger companies, your anniversary dates sneak by, with no call out. James and Judy always try their best to call the team out when they reach milestones. Whether it be a lunch, a phone call, a text, or email. They go above and beyond for all of us. 

Cheryl is one of the many hard-working, wonderful employees who continue to bring inspiration and purpose to Miller & Associates–we are looking forward to many more memories and accomplishments in the next ten years.