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Secure, reliable encrypted network in a highly volatile region of the world


When the Afghanistan National Army Special Operations Command, working with our NATO Special Operations Component Command, requires a secure, reliable and encrypted network to send and receive data they use standard UHF/VHF radio infrastructure technology.

This technology enables operators to send secure data such as email, photos and reports across great distances using standard radio equipment in a highly volatile region of the world generally lacking the supporting infrastructure required for such capability. This technology allows for secure sending and receiving of data over a reliable and encrypted communications network in addition to the standard voice capabilities.

Miller & Associates International Support Services ensure this network is continually operational while at the same time transferring the skill sets necessary for Afghan leadership to maintain the network independently.

The UHF/VHF radio infrastructure technology from Harris RF Communications combined with the necessary support from Miller & Associates international support services provides secure and reliable mobile communications, mission-critical to success.